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A Reliable, dynamic and innovating company

Missions and services

The daily missions of MEDOU CHARTERED CIVIL ENGINEERS cover the following fields:
  • Mastery of private works, ranging from basic works up to perfect finishing ;
  • Technical expertise to assessment of personal assets
  • Technical audit and state of the end of works.
Missions can be global or partial

Control and Work mastery

MEDOU CHARTERED CIVIL ENGINEERS fully operates on the following domains: :
  • Technical and architectural studies
  •  Works survey
  •  Programming
  • Anchoring
  • Coordination of worksites, especially in the domain of infrastructures management and civil engineering.

Our Expertise and Know-how

The MEDOU chartered civil engineering team is made of civil engineers and experts authorized by the Chamber of Professional experts in Cameroon as well as by courts of justice of the Republic of Cameroon. They are specialized staff and resource persons for:
  • The Prime minister office
  •  The Public market regulatory board
  • The Ministry of justice
  • The ministry of public works
  •  The Ministry of town affairs

Technical audits

In partnership with financial experts and chartered accountants offices, as well as independent observers, MEDOU Chartered civil engineers operates on the fields listed below:
  • Control and verification of the regularity of tenders for public markets opened unto them;
  •  Approval and validation of terms of reference;
  • Reports on sessions of offers opening and assessment  ;
  • Specific recommendations for contracts auctions
  • Re-updating of general, technical and administrative decisions on the markets;
  • Assessment of Quality and work conformity;
  • Verification of quantities;
  • Organization of reception of executed markets;
  • Elaboration of the minutes and reception of executed works;
  • Management of the warranty period.

Counselling and Training

  • From feasibility study to the phase of project execution, Medou Chartered Civil Engineers, in partnership with associates, seeks to grant to customers, a clear view on all technical and financial aspects, as a prerequisite to success
  • Based on a perfect mastery of regulatory laws and public markets in Cameroon, Medou Chartered Civil Engineers organises and conducts seminars in their fields of specialization.
  • We are also skilled in trade management and decentralized cooperation
Our contacts

adressBonamoussadi, Plateau drive,Green house 1 Po Box:12902 Douala - Cameroon phone(237) 33 47 64 64 / 99 91 12 80 fax(237) 33 47 62 62